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Canyons in Rio Grande do Sul Trekking in Canyons, South Brazil Waterfall in Rio Grande do Sul Beach in Santa Catarina City of Curitiba, Parana Ilha do Mel, Parana Caracol Park, Rio Grande do Sul

Of course, when you talk about the South of Brazil, everyone thinks of the Iguazu falls. Rest assured, it is of course a major site to visit in South America, even the most visited one on the continent. But other historical and cultural treasures also deserve to be known: near the border with Argentina, the Jesuit Missions offer a travel back in time. Going up stream on the Parana river, in the region of Curitiba, upstanding Brazilian city, other wonders are waiting for you. The Ilha do Mel (Honey Island), Superagui... Discover Florianopolis while riding along the coastline of the South as well as the Santa Catarina Island and its idyllic beaches. Both will depict fabulous landscapes and breathtaking panoramic views along with countless waterfalls. The twin cities of Gramado and Canela of the Gaucho state will give you a Christmas spirit-like feeling, perfect for a family vacation. Possible classic destinations in the future? Why not, they sure deserve it.


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