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Salvador & Bahia

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Bahia, one of the largest Western Brazilian states, was the colonization center of the country, and the main reason for the fights between the European powers for two centuries to control and exploit the wealth of Brazil. The name of Bahia is from the Bay of all the Saints (Bahia de todos os santos), where was erected the city of Salvador (its complete name is “Salvador da Bahia”). Salvador is impressive by its contagious energy, its sublime historical center and its incandescent carnival monopolizing all the attention and the honor. It would be unfair to only talk about the region's important urban center. Bahia also includes many other sites to discover. The coastal wilderness and the very fashionable spots are mixed in total harmony. On the North, the Coco Coast and its string of famous beaches: Arembepe, Imbassai, Costa do Sauipe and especially the famous, Praia do Forte. On the South, the islands of the Camamu bay. You can feel the effervescence of Morro de São Paulo in Tinharé, the most fashionable resort now, while on Boipeba, our favorite, you can enjoy the natural energy and beauty. The Recôncavo spreads further inland with the agricultural area matching the contours of Todos os santos Bay. The elements of the flourishing economy of this area are simply cattle farming, a bit of tobacco culture, some vegetables and large quantities of sugar cane. Many traces of the past can be seen in these different cultures, in Cachoeira, São Francisco de Paraguaçu, São Felix… A trip through the Recôncavo feels like time travel.


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