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Best time to travel to Brazil

You can easily visit the country throughout the whole year, with no restriction. Terra Brazil offers its services no matter what season you choose to travel.

Caution: with a population of over 200 million people, Brazilians make up the largest group of travelers in their own country. We advise you to avoid travelling during their summer vacation, which starts in December and ends in January, as well as the Carnival period (usually in February or March) and the Holy week, right before Easter.

During those periods, touristic places, especially the coast, are overcrowded. The hotels are usually fully booked and the beaches swamped.

Also, prices rise to the rooftops, hotels and pousadas only offer “pacotes”, which consist of a minimum rate of a minimum stay, not negotiable, with prices per night superior to the average price for the rest of the year.

Warning: during certain times of the year (Carnival, New Year, Holy Week, 1st of May...), the hotels and pousadas are full and work according to a system of package for a minimum number (not reducible) of nights; the fee for each night is superior to the average rate for the rest of the year.

Some important dates:

Carnival (usually in February, sometimes in March), Champions Parade (a few days after Carnival, only in Rio de Janeiro), Holy Week, Easter, Tiradentes Day (April 21st), Labour Day, Corpus Christi, Independence Day (September 7th), Lady of Aparecida (October 12th), All Souls Day (November 2nd), Republic Day (November 15th), Christmas and New Year.
Please note that each city has its calendar with local holidays and events.

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