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Iguaçu Falls

Iguaçu Falls Helicopter View of Iguaçu Falls Iguaçu Falls Helicopter View of Iguaçu Falls Iguaçu Falls Triple Border Iguaçu Falls

The Iguazu Falls, located on the Northernmost point of Argentina and on the Brazilian and Paraguayan borders (a triple border but with no special formalities to visit the falls from the different sides), is one of the best natural wonders of the planet. Iguazu means "the great water" in the Guarani language, and it is indeed a magnificent spectacle, with mountains of water surging from the jungle, dropping in mass into an 80m (262 ft) deep abyss (compared to 56m (184 ft) at Niagara Falls). This impressive scene consists of 257 falls over 3 km (1.86 mi), half in Brazil and half in Argentina. The best view of the waterfalls are from the Brazilian side, but the Argentinean side is more impressive because of the closer access to the waterfalls, to about 10m (33 ft) from the most impressive of them all, the Devil’s Throat. The sub-tropical forest around and the permanent rainbows formed by the humidity give to the place a holly aura for this most breathtaking natural scenery. From both sides of the falls, narrow wooden bridges take the visitor in the middle of curtains of water and steam, in total safety. Large capacity motor boats can take you even closer to the falls. By the way, do not forget to bring a raincoat: the boats might even go... under the falls! The National Park of Iguazu is the part in Argentina with the most biological diversity. No other area can compete in numbers of wild species: more than 200 plants, 420 bird species and more than 80 mammal species. Visitors are usually only interested in the falls, but several other excursions can be organized for nature lovers, such as a walk along the Macuco track in the jungle watching the wildlife, or sailing along the Iguazu River…


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