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Our favorite tours at Terra Brazil, selected by our trip advisors

Nivea, Adeline and Ivanilde, our three trip advisors, have drawn out three tours, each choosing some of their favorite destinations through Brazil. Those are some ideas if you are not sure yet of what you want to see and explore in this big country. As the three of them have somewhat different tastes, you will have plenty of destinations to choose from. One tour will take you along the Brazilian coastline from Sao Paulo to Salvador with an unavoidable stop in Paraty and Rio de Janeiro. Another one will combine both nature and history with an engaging tour in the Brazilian Eldorado of Minas Gerais where gold hunters have either failed or made a fortune, before heading to the mythical Amazon Rainforest. Finally, the last tour offers you the opportunity to explore a wilder side of Brazil through the magnificent grounds of Pantanal and the vibrant Iguazu Falls.

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