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Belem & Marajo

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From its source in the Andes, the Amazon River lived an epic transcontinental story to trace its line until the ocean. A 7,000 km (4,350 mi) trip during which a multitude of tributaries regularly discharging their water participated in the widening of its main arm. When it reaches the Ocean, the numbers get really impressive. With a flow reaching up to 209.000 m³/second (which alter the salinity and the color of the Ocean as far as 300km (186 mi) from the coasts), the Amazon is sole responsible for 18% of the total volume of fresh water alimenting the World’s Oceans. Macapá, on the North side of the delta, is extremely warm (the town is exactly at the Equator level) and Belém, on the South side, is nostalgic of its glorious past. Despite being very attractive, this area remains little known and almost excluded from most of the tourist roads. Between the Amazon Rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean, the ecosystems compete in creativity to offer numerous different wonders. The area of Belém counts many river beaches, particularly on the islands of Mosqueiro, Outeiro and Cotijuba; but also many oceanic beaches such as Algodoal, Salinas and Ajuruteua. At the center of the delta, the gigantic island of Marajó, the size of Switzerland, constitutes a limitless playground where alternate plains and tropical forest.


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