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Terra Brazil is a receptive travel agency based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a branch of Terra Group, a network of various companies operating all over Latin America, Southern Africa and Australia.


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After a first professional experience across Africa, Luc finally decided to follow his lifetime dream of discovering South America. But after stepping foot in Brazil, he ended up never crossing any other countries’ borders, having been fascinated by the cultural diversity and all of the natural resources this imposing country has to offer. He enjoyed experiencing the African heritage that colors the country, especially the state of Bahia and Salvador, its capital, reminding him of his previous travels.

His taste for adventure led him to some of the most famous and beautiful hiking trails of the country: from the far North on the heights of Mont Roraima to the Serra Geral canyons in the South, by way of the Lençois Maranhenses to the Chapada Diamantina and the Costa Verde.

At first he settled down in Vitória, in the state of Espirito Santo to finally take up residence in Rio de Janeiro. There, he took over the management of Terra Brazil in October of 2014, sharing his experiences with travelers and advising them on places to see as well as finding them good deals to discover Brazil.

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Nivea terra brazil

NIVEA ATALLAH – Travel Designer

Carioca from birth and a journalist graduate (having spent a few years in Lyon, France), Nivea has always been passionate about travelling and knows Brazil like the back of her hand.

On top of all the famous landmarks, she will wisely advice you on every nook and cranny of Brazil, from the Chapada dos Veadeiros to the Jalapão, the Discovery Coast (Bahia) and the Marajó Island.

You can also read about her passion for travel on her blog, where she shares little tips and addresses as well as anecdotes on her various outings.

Her next stop: the state of Acre. Located in the North West of Brazil, in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, boarding Peru and Bolivia, it is host of the indigenous festival of the Yawanawa tribe.

For Brunch and Breakfast enthusiasts, Nivea is the one you should run to. She will take you to the best addresses in Rio.


LUIZA FAFA – Web Marketing Director

Native to the city of Vitoria (Espirito Santo), Luiza has always been surrounded by water and has travelled most of the coast of Brazil, from the beaches in Maranhão to the ones in Rio Grande do Sul.

Her favorite place: the Praia do Espelho (Mirror beach), located near Trancoso (Bahia). Luiza encourages you to go during a full moon to appreciate its breathtaking reflection in the water.

Whenever she leaves the seaside, it’s to visit the colonial cities of the state of Minas Gerais such as Tiradentes, Ouro Preto and the capital, Belo Horizonte, city where she graduated in tourism.

She is especially fond of the region’s, and by extension, Brazil’s, history, the region’s warm and welcoming people as well as the famous Mineira gastronomy.

To complete her degree, she chose to spend some time on the French island of Corse, where she was able to grasp all the subtleties of the French language but also some notions of the Corse dialect.

Luiza fafa


Ivanilde Gaude

IVANILDE GAUDE – Travel Designer

Ivanilde is of both French and Brazilian nationality. After spending her childhood in France, she was overcome by the desire of discovering her country of birth, which is why she moved to Rio de Janeiro.

The Cidade Maravilhosa was her starting point in discovering Brazil. From there she went on to visit the Costa Verde, Salvador and the region of Bahia, the Iguaçu falls, and many more. She joined the team of Terra Brazil to share her travel adventures.

In Rio, Iva makes the most of the Carioca cultural life. She’s our go to person to find the best bar restaurants (locally known as botecos) and the cozy Samba parties that give life to the city’s neighborhoods.

Don’t hesitate to ask her for advice concerning the best ways of enjoying the Carioca nightlife.


FABIANA CAROSIO – in charge of administration and finances

Originally from the economic capital of São Paulo, Fabiana makes sure that all trips at Terra Brazil go according to plan and doesn’t hesitate to go on the field to look for the country’s numerous hidden gems and meet with our local partners.

You won’t be in direct contact with Fabiana but her contagious energy and good spirit will allow your trip to go as smoothly as possible.



Ivanilde Gaude





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