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The Canyon Road

The Canyon trekking is in the central region of the Serra Geral, called Aparados da Serra forming a total of 68 canyons. During your three day hike you will hike along the borders of seven grand canyons of the region, the longest being of 6 km and the deepest of 900m. These formations happened 140 million years ago when the tectonic plates started moving and the supercontinent, Pangaea, split forming various cracks and great cliffs. Less than 40 km away from the Atlantic littoral, the Aparados are geographically isolated from the coast at more than 1000 meters above sea level. Our trekking adventure will take you on cracks at more than 1,300 meters above sea level on more than 60 km. The entire path is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes in a peaceful silence. Locals will welcome you in their homes, called fazendas, more or less accommodated and all near canyons. Comfort is limited but the warm welcome is unmatched.



  • Day 1: Porto Alegre - Cambara do Sul - Aparados da Serra Geral - Cambara do Sul
  • Day 2: Aparados da Serra Geral
  • Day 3: Aparados da Serra Geral
  • Day 4: Aparados da Serra Geral
  • Day 5: Aparados da Serra Geral - Cambara do Sul - Porto Alegre


Day 1: Porto Alegre - Cambara do Sul - Aparados da Serra Geral

Pick up at the airport and transfer to Cambará do Sul (around 2 ½-hour or 3-hour trip).

There are 185km between Porto Alegre and the Honey Capital. You quickly go up in altitude, the Atlantic Rainforest makes room for some stronger vegetation that lives through the tough winter at the top of the Serra. You can see the first Parana pines, the emblematic trees of the Serra Geral. When passing Sao Francisco de Paula, hydrangeas adorn the road on each side to welcome you.
Meet with your local English speaking guide and leave for Sao Jose dos Ausentes, central region of the Serra, in an all terrain vehicle. You will take a 98 km dirt road to reach the pousada. Dona Jocemara will welcome you in her humble pousada.

Special "campeiro" dinner and night at the pousada dos Troupeiros.
Included : private transport, transfer arrival, room & breakfast, dinner (no drinks), local english-speaking guide

Day 2: Aparados da Serra Geral

Hiking - 6 to 7 hours - 21 km - moderate intensity

First day.
After half an hour driving in an all terrain vehicle, the hike starts with a walk in a small path between Parana pines. Soon, you will reach the first formation: the canyon of the Encerra or Amola Faca (Knife sharpener) which opens in a large crack 900 m deep. The view of the Santa Catarina State plains is breathtaking. Taht canyon is one of the most impressive ones of the chain. You go around the starting point of the crack to follow the canyon. First break with a beautiful view of the Amola Faca waterfall, of approximately 600 m.

Your guide will then take you closer to the opening of the canyon , giving you a unique view of the canyon itself. You will go on to the Realengo and Boa Vista Canyons.

Lunch break (pic-nick) with a view of the impressive green slopes of Boa Vista, contrasting with the golden fields of the Serra.

After the break, you will walk by a small waterfall which can offer a surprising spectacle: if the wind is strong enough, it will take the river up in the air for a dance.

You will leave the gorges for the pousada. You will get there at around 3pm where Daniel and Monica, the owners, will welcome you. Spend the night by the fire.

Dinner and night at the pousada Ecologica dos Canyons. Very small comfort.

Note 1: depending on weather conditions and the physical shape of participants, the itinerary as presented above could go through some changes, if everyone agrees.

Note 2: pack some warm clothes because rooms at the pousada aren't heated and winters can be very cold.

Note 3: a vehicle will transport your extra luggage from one accommodation to the other during your entire trekking adventure.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), private transport, local english-speaking guide

Day 3: Aparados da Serra Geral

Hiking - 6 hours - 18 km - moderate intensity

Second day with a shorter distance to go but more differences in level.

Leave the pousada at 08:30am to reach in a few minutes the edges of the winding Boa Vista Canyon. You will then go up through some Parana pine trees. From up on the hill, you will be able to admire the distinct border between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, drawn out by the borders of the Canyon.

Go down the Coxilia canyon. There are many obstacles to avoid at Coxilia while following the winding borders of the Canyon which can be 700 meter deep. Each step forward offers an unprecedented view of the Monte Negro Canyon and the plains of Santa Catarina.
Lunch break.

Leave the Canyon for your accommodations, going through a forest of Parana pines to reach a dirt road which will take you to the Fazenda. You will stop at an old hippie camp in the middle of the forest.

At around 3pm, you will get to Elizabete and Mario Vieira's pousada. After settling down, enjoy a mid afternoon snack in a family setting.
Specialty of the region: Pinhao, the Parana pine seed, that can be eaten cooked, grilled or mixed with salty or sugary meals.

Dinner and night at the Fazenda Aparados da Serra pousada of small comfort.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), local english-speaking guide

Day 4: Aparados da Serra Geral

Hiking - 7 hours - 22 km - moderate intensity

After a generous breakfast, leave the fazenda at 8am to Monte Negro. You will take a dirt road on 3 km to reach the foot of the hill. Go up the Monte Negro, the highest pick of the State of Rio Grande do Sul at 1403 m above sea level. Once at the top, admire the opening of the Monte Negro Canyon, and check out from there the rest of your trail. You will go down by the side of the cliff which you will only leave when you reach the next fazenda. You will successively walk along the Monte Negro, Cruzinha and Tigras Canyons, in one of the world's quiet places. Few living beings will cross your path. The guide has for only points of reference the road created by the local cattle and the limits of the cracks. A last look at the steep slopes of the canyons and at the littoral of Santa Catarina before leaving the canyons for your last accommodations. Elizete and Ailto will welcome you. A table covered in cakes, cookies, cheese and saucisson, grilled pine nuts, etc. Everything comes from the farm.

Dinner and night at the Fazenda Morro da Cruzinha pousada.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), local english-speaking guide

Day 5: Aparados da Serra Geral - Cambara do Sul - Porto Alegre

Breakfast at the farm. Leave at 9am in an all terrain vehicle for Cambara do Sul. Arrival at around noon.

You are free for lunchtime in the city.

Departure in a private vehicle to Porto Alegre, 2 and a half to 3 hours. You will be able to enjoy the Serra Geral landscapes for a little longer.
Transfer to the airport 5 hours prior to departure. Flight from Porto Alegre (flight time and number to be confirmed).
Included : private transport, local english-speaking guide , transfer departure

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