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Take a cruise down the Amazon River to discover the Earth's heart and lungs. Get lost in one of the richest regions of biodiversity in the world to admire countless species of animals and plants. Each crack and nook will hold a surprise and bring you unforgettable memories.



  • Day 1: Manaus
  • Day 2: Manaus - Manati Lodge
  • Day 3: Manati Lodge
  • Day 4: Manati Lodge
  • Day 5: Manati Lodge
  • Day 6: Manati Lodge
  • Day 7: Manati Lodge - Janauari Lake
  • Day 8: Janauari Lake - Manaus
  • Day 9: Manaus


Day 1: Manaus

Pick up and transfer to the hotel.

Night at the Saint Paul hotel (breakfast included).
Included : reception with english-speaking guide, room & breakfast

Day 2: Manaus - Manati Lodge

Departure from the hotel at 08:30am. A shuttle will take you on the AM070 road, crossing the Rio Negro bridge, giving you the opportunity to see some agricultural properties (fazendas, the Brazilian farms) and many brick companies, which is the main activity in Iranduba (25 km of Manaus). You will then take a motor boat for 45 minutes (one hour and a half when the water levels are low). This emotional journey through the forest will allow you to see the houses on stilts of the ribeirinhos. At the lodge, some cold drinks will be served, then you will be shown to your rooms.

For lunch, local food will be served.

After some free time you will go on a dugout at around 4pm to go through the igapos and the flooded forest to meet wild animals such as sloths and various different bird and monkey species. Back at the lodge at around 05:30pm.

Free time before dinner at 7pm.

After a sumptuous dinner, back on a motored boat for a night outing. You will be able to see caimans and other nocturnal animals. Back to the lodge.

Night at the Manati Lodge.

Note 1: The lodge is a small rustic and charming place build in the former house of some locals. There are only three rooms. Each of them are equipped with air conditioning and a terrace with a hammock facing the river and the forest. Bathrooms don't have hot water. The Pousada is covered in palm leafs and creepers, which allows it to maintain cool temperatures even during the warmest season.

Note 2: English speaking guides accompanied by local guides native of the region, there is a maximum of 8 persons per group during outings.

Note 3: The program can be subject to modifications depending on weather conditions or any other reason related to the safety of the travelers.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide, shared transport

Day 3: Manati Lodge

Breakfast: fresh fruits and specialties from the region, served at 07:30am.

At 9am, you will board a dugout to discover the region. You will then get to know a part of the rich ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest, among which many different plants and trees, some of them being used for medicinal purposes and others used for the making of cosmetics. Back to the lodge at 11:30am for lunch.

After some down time, departure on a small motor boat at 4pm to fish and to get closer to the famous piranhas. Back at the lodge at night fall for dinner, which is served at 7pm.

After dinner, you can spend the evening playing cards or doing whatever you want.

Night at the Manati Lodge.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide

Day 4: Manati Lodge

Wake-up at 5:30am with the birds for an unforgettable outing. You will watch the sun rise over the Rio Negro, accompanied by the morning dance performance of birds as well as other animals.

Back to the lodge for a local breakfast.

At 9:30am, you board a dugout to visit the Casa da Farinha. You will discover how the caboclos prepare the manioc flour, a main ingredient for any Amazonian family. Finally, you will taste the famous tapioca with Brazilian nuts.

Night at the Manati Lodge.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide

Day 5: Manati Lodge

After breakfast, you will leave on a dugout for what must be the most fantastic activity of the lodge: the meeting with the pink dolphins called Botos vermelhos or Botos cor de rosa. You will have the opportunity to go in the water to swim with that docile animal.

Afterwards, you will get back to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon, you will board a dugout to reach the Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro village, most commonly known as Vila de Acajatuba. That small village counts only 54 families spread out on the island in the middle of the Acajatuba lake. You will meet Dona Marlene and her family, who were the first inhabitants of the village. You will visit the artisanal center, run buy ONGs to help the locals develop and commercialize their products. Your last stop will be at the free clinic and school, which offers classes to students on the Internet.

Back to the lodge for dinner.

Night at the Manati Lodge.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide

Day 6: Manati Lodge

Right after breakfast, you will go on a boat to go down the Rio Negro and on to Manaus. Many stops are planned so you can participate in different activities. In the morning, the boat crosses the Rio Negro and stops at a region called Jaraqui. Depending on the time of the year, you will be able to go for a swim in a fabulous waterfall. You will then go back in the forest to discover the fauna, among which many different monkeys.

Lunch is served on the boat.

In the afternoon, after a few hours on the water, the boat stops in a historical place, symbol of the rubber fever. The Paricatuba Ruins (the name comes from the Paricas, a plant used by natives in their rituals for hallucinogenic properties) were used for a while as a prison for the city of Iranduba, but the old building also hosted the first PolyTech School of the state of Amazonas. It was then used as a hospital for lepers. Nowadays, the only thing left of this imposing and luxurious building are its structure and outside walls. It still stands in the middle of the forest.

After this trip back in the past, follow onto the Rio Negro, where you will see the Rio Negro bridge and the Ponta Negra beach.

Dinner and night on board, in hammocks.
Included : lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide, cruise

Day 7: Manati Lodge - Janauari Lake

You will wake up on the waters of the Rio Solimoes, where the ecosystem is completely different from the one around the Rio Negro, with a very rich fauna and flora as well. There are, for example, more than 2000 species of fish in the river. The waters are muddy and locals can fish and cultivate various products that are then taken to the city of Manaus to be sold in farmer markets and markets.

After lunch, you will navigate on the Xiborena canal, being very narrow, it will allow you to see some sloths along the way, as well as birds and monkeys. You will also see typical houses of the region standing on Assacu trunks, a kind of tree used to build floating houses.

At the end of the day, you will reach the Janauary Lake where you will spend the night on the boat, in hammocks.
Included : lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide, cruise

Day 8: Janauari Lake - Manaus

In the morning, you will visit the Vitorias Regias lake and discover the Sumaumeira tree. It is one of the tallest trees of the Amazon Rainforest, being as high as 60 meters. You will board the small motor boat to discover natural species.

Lunch on the boat. Back to Manaus through the meeting point between the Rio Solimoes and the Rio Negro where the Amazon river is formed. Arrival estimated in the afternoon. A shuttle will take you to your hotel or the airport depending on your program.

Night at the Saint Paul hotel (breakfast included).
Included : lunch (no drinks), english speaking guide, private transport, cruise, room & breakfast

Day 9: Manaus

Private transport to the airport 2 hours prior to departure. Domestic flight from Manaus (arrival airport, flight time and number to be confirmed).
Included : departure transfer with english speaking guide

Hotel Saint Paul   Manaus

Level : 3*
Included : room & breakfast

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