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Amazon Clipper Premium
The boat has 4 different decks. You can find 8 cabins on both the main and the second deck. On the second deck there is also an air-conditioned kitchen. The third deck is strictly recreational, with a reading room and library, TV / DVD, a bar, as well as a large open space, jacuzzi and showers in the open. The last deck is a large and spacious patio with a 360º panoramic view. Capacity: 32 passengers. Boat type: 32 meter (105 ft) long and 09 meter (30 ft) large. Speed: 10 knots. Two motors of 250 hp each. Two generators of 80kW each (110V / 60Hz). Crew: one captain, 5 sailors, 3 cooks, 2 english speaking guides. Cabins: 16 spacious cabins, beds with lower footboards, private bathroom with heated shower, individual air-conditioning and safe.
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Amazon EcoBoat
The Amazon EcoBoat was created by Cécile, a French Parisian interior design architect, and Elias, a Brazilian kid who grew up in Paris. They chose to take it easy and live between heaven and earth in the Amazon Rainforest, never dropping the anchor. They receive their guests with elegance, and take them to discover the Amazonian territory. Fact sheet: - Private boat - Tailor made trip from start to end - Departure at your convenience - English speaking correspondents - Eco-friendly boat
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Anavilhanas Lodge
The lodge is about 180 km (112 mi) away from Manaus, in front of the Anavilhanas National Park. The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge provides flexible services, all very comfortable for the guests. It offers 2 people bungalows or single bungalows. Certainly one of the best lodges!
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Santerem is a passing city still poorly known and poorly frequented, although it is a nice place between the two main cities in Amazonas (Manaus and Belèm). Santerem remains a place which does not attract a lot of tourists. But when you look at it more closely you will notice many interesting spots in the surroundings. Less populated than Manaus, there is more chance to encounter some amazonian animal species. Moreover Santerem is located at the confluence of the Rio Tapajós and the Rio Amazonas. These two rivers flow side by side on several kilometers before mixing their light brown and dark brown waters. You can admire this beautiful view from the shore.
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Juma Amazon Lodge
Located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in an unspoiled area, 100 km (62 mi) southeast of Manaus, the Juma Amazon Lodge offers a unique experience in the Amazon Rainforest. The 3-hour trip is by boat and car with a stop at the inevitable meeting of the waters (between the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões). The lodge was built on "Palafitas" suspended 15m above the ground in order to anticipate the significant rise of the water in rainy season. The lodge was built on " Palafitas " suspended 15m (49 ft) above ground. In order to preserve and respect the nature, the Juma also has a fully ecological organization with organic products, solar energy and waste treatment. The lodge only offers 20 bungalows, perfectly integrated into the forest, divided into 2 categories: 8 bungalows with a view of the forest and 12 with a view of the Rio Juma. The bungalows are very comfortable with hot water and fans. The English-speaking guides are available for visitors to discover the nature and the lifestyle of the local people.
Juma Lodge Sunset at Juma Lodge  Buffet at Juma Lodge Sunset at Juma Lodge Young Caiman at Juma Lodge Room at Juma Lodge Solar Panels at Juma Lodge Juma Lodge
Manati Lodge
The Manati lodge is a small and charming jungle lodge, located in one of the most beautiful regions of the Rio Negro. Manati Lodge looks like the house of a local, composed of 3 (three) bedrooms, each 16m2 (172 sq ft) in size, fitting up to 5 people, perfect for families or groups of friends. Each one has a private bathroom, air-conditioning and fan, a double bed, a bunk bed and single bed, as well as a balcony with hammock, with a view of the river and the forest. The straw roof, comprised of a mat of vines, means that the rooms remains at a pleasant temperature even during the hottest days. There is no hot water. The lodge is also inspired from the local culture, through rich decoration with indigenous art and artifacts from the native people. Many different types of vegetation are found everywhere around the site, adding to the natural beauty of the location.
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Manaus is the capital of the largest Brazilian State, Amazonas, founded on the confluence of the Negro and Solimões Rivers, just before the two rivers join together forming the Amazon River. In the mid 19th Century, Manaus which was only a village, was forever changed by the growth of the automobile and rubber industries. The Europeans investments flowed and the city expanded dramatically. The wealthiest inhabitants were living in a show off luxury contrasting particularly with the daily misery of the "Seringueros" (the hevea workers, most of them from the poorest North East areas). A local anecdote says that some rubber barons used to send their laundry to... Paris. After 50 years of euphoria, the Indonesian and Malaysian heveas got more success than the Brazilian hevea putting the city in a severe depression. Until the 50s when the government declared it a free area, and Manaus lived throw a new economical growth which turned it into one of the most important cities of the country nowadays (it is the third industrial pole of the country after Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte). The visitors can see contrasting aspects of Manaus. Like a concrete made island at the heart of the jungle, it has kept many monuments showing its wealthy past. As a symbolic remain of the short but glorious rubber era, the famous Teatro Amazonas founded by Caruso in 1896 was rehabilitated recently after several decades in the silence and the dust. They have a full house twice or three times a week and every year for an opera festival attracting great names in opera. Nearby and next to the floating port, the city market spreads out over the limits of the Eiffel style shed which was built to host it in the early 20th century. It is the place where a million and half city people encounter with a million and half of forest people coming to Manaus to sell their natural products (manioc, fishes, handicrafts...) and to buy necessary products to live in the jungle. This immense popular area is well animated starting at dawn when the fishermen unload from their backs millions of fish of all sizes and colors, brought to them by nature in the many streams around the city.
Theater of Manaus Stairs of Manaus Theater Manaus Museum Farmers' Market at Manaus Museum of Manaus Museum of Manaus Fisherman at Manaus Manaus Theater
Uacari Lodge
The uacari lodge (which name comes from the Uacari monkey, which stands out with its red head) is located at the heart of the Mamiraua ecological reserve, 510 km (317 mi) West of Manaus, at the confluence of the Rio Japura and the Rio Salimoes. The entirely floating structure is composed of 10 spacious and pleasant suites (25m2 (269 sq ft), equipped with mosquito nets, hot water and private veranda), a natural pool and comfortable common spaces. In order to limit the environmental impact, the lodge only hosts 20 people at a time. From Manaus you can reach Tefé (the closest town from the lodge) by different ways: by boat or by plane. Be aware that depending on the chosen transport, a stay at the Uacari lodge can only start on certain days of the week.
Guide at Uacari Lodge, Amazon Rainforest Uacari Lodge Bird at Uacari Lodge Boat trip with Uacari Lodge Sunset at Uacari Lodge Monkey around Uacari Lodge Uacari Lodge Bird at Uacari Lodge

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